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Black Pepper Sri Lanka

Black Pepper

Black Pepper claims to be the “King of Spices” by being the world’s most traded international spice. It is a common household spice used in almost every dish that we cook. Black Pepper comes from an evergreen flowering vine which is a member of the Piperaceae family and is popular for its spiciness. The cultivators pick the pepper when it is the right time and then let them dry.

Black pepper turns out to be spicy due to the presence of the chemical called “piperine.” Pepper spirit extracted from peppercorns is a common ingredient in beauty products as well as medicinal products. Pepper cultivation in Sri Lanka takes place around the Central Hills of the country and also other major areas like Kurunegala and Kegalle.

The Ceylon Black Pepper is of higher natural aroma when compared to Black Pepper of other origins. Ceylon Black Pepper is 100% natural and is free from all types of chemicals and insects which makes it far more than the best. The natural taste of the Ceylon Black Pepper is incomparable to the taste of any other Black pepper origins.

Black pepper is one of the widely used spices in cuisines all around the globe and is a popular seasoning at present. Even though the origin of most black pepper is South India, it is Ceylon black pepper which dominates the international market. Ceylon black pepper is unmistakably distinctive and rich in its taste why is the very reason why it beats off the other spices in exports.

These black pepper gets well cleaned as they go through sieves, sifters metal detectors, and de-stoners. All these ensure that the exported Ceylon black pepper are products of excellent quality when they meet the export market. It is all because we give you the best!

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