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Cardamom Sri Lanka

Cardamom, a spice renowned for its exquisite taste and captivating aroma, has been an essential ingredient in Sri Lankan cuisine for centuries. Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, fertile soil, and sustainable farming practices make it the ideal region for cultivating this precious spice. In this article, we will take a closer look at Cardamom Sri Lanka, exploring its farming and cultivation practices, the different varieties available, where to buy the best cardamom, the prices in the local market, and the growing demand for organic cardamom. Additionally, we will touch upon the country’s cardamom export industry and its impact on the Sri Lankan economy.

Key Takeaways

  • Cardamom Sri Lanka is a spice known for its refined taste and mesmerizing aroma
  • Sri Lanka has ideal growing conditions and sustainable farming practices for cardamom cultivation
  • There are different varieties of cardamom available in Sri Lanka, including green, black, and white
  • High-quality cardamom can be purchased from local markets, online platforms, and specialty stores
  • Organic cardamom is in high demand due to its health and environmental benefits
  • Cardamom export is an essential industry in Sri Lanka, contributing significantly to the country’s economy

Cardamom Cultivation in Sri Lanka

Cardamom is a tropical spice that is native to India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is renowned for producing some of the best cardamom in the world, with its unique growing conditions and farming techniques contributing to its exceptional quality.

Sri Lanka cardamom farming is predominantly found in the central and southern regions of the island, where the terrain is ideal for growing this delicate spice. The ideal altitude for cardamom cultivation in Sri Lanka ranges from 600 to 1,200 meters above sea level, with temperatures between 18-30°C and a rainfall of 1,500-2,500mm per year.

Farming Techniques

Sri Lanka cardamom farming is carried out using sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the highest quality yield. The traditional method of farming involves planting cardamom in shaded areas to protect the delicate plants from strong sunlight. The shade also helps to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for cardamom cultivation in Sri Lanka.

The farmers in Sri Lanka cultivate cardamom using organic fertilizers, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals that can affect the spice’s taste and aroma. They also practice intercropping, planting other crops like pepper, cloves, and vanilla alongside cardamom, to promote biodiversity and increase soil fertility.

Types of Cardamom Cultivated in Sri Lanka

Cardamom Variety Description
Green Cardamom Small, light green pods with a sweet, floral flavor and a strong aroma.
Black Cardamom Large, dark brown pods with a smoky, resinous flavor and a mild aroma.
White Cardamom Bleached green cardamom pods with a sweeter, milder flavor and a subtle aroma.

Green cardamom is the most commonly cultivated variety in Sri Lanka and is renowned for its exceptional quality and aroma.

In recent years, Sri Lankan farmers have also begun cultivating hybrid cardamom varieties, combining the best characteristics of green and black cardamom to create a unique flavor profile. These varieties are gaining popularity in the Sri Lankan spice market.

Overall, the farming and cultivation practices of cardamom in Sri Lanka contribute to its exceptional quality and superior taste, making it a sought-after spice in the global market.

Varities of Cardamom in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its high-quality cardamom, which comes in various varieties.

Green Cardamom

Green cardamom is the most common variety of cardamom found in Sri Lanka. It is known for its sweet, floral aroma and is often used in savory dishes, baked goods, and beverages. Green cardamom is harvested when the pods are still green and not yet fully ripe.

Black Cardamom

Black cardamom has a smoky, earthy flavor and is used in spice blends and meat dishes. It is harvested when the pods turn black and are fully ripe.

White Cardamom

White cardamom is a rare variety that is obtained by bleaching green cardamom pods. It has a milder flavor than green cardamom and is often used in desserts and sweet dishes. White cardamom is not as commonly found in Sri Lanka as green cardamom.

Cardamom Variety Flavor Uses
Green Cardamom Sweet, floral Savory dishes, baked goods, beverages
Black Cardamom Smoky, earthy Spice blends, meat dishes
White Cardamom Mild Desserts, sweet dishes

“I have always been fascinated by the variety of cardamom found in Sri Lanka. Each type has a unique flavor and aroma that adds depth to any dish.” – Chef Roshan, Colombo

When purchasing cardamom in Sri Lanka, it is essential to understand the different varieties and their culinary uses. Green cardamom is the most versatile and widely used variety, while black and white cardamom are more specialized and not as commonly found.

Buying Cardamom Sri Lanka and Cardamom Prices

Cardamom is a valuable commodity in Sri Lanka, and purchasing high-quality cardamom can be a challenge for many individuals. Fortunately, there are numerous options available for buying cardamom in Sri Lanka.

One of the most common ways of purchasing cardamom is through local markets, where farmers and vendors display their produce. These markets offer a wide variety of cardamom types at different prices, and buyers can select the best option based on their needs and budget.

For those who value convenience and prefer online shopping, there are several platforms available that sell cardamom Sri Lanka. Some of the popular e-commerce websites that sell cardamom include Serandib Flour Mills, Kapruka, and Lassana Flora. These sites offer a range of cardamom products, including whole pods, ground cardamom, and cardamom powder.

Tip: When buying cardamom online, always check the seller’s reputation and read reviews from other buyers to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Specialty stores are another option for purchasing high-quality cardamom Sri Lanka. These stores specialize in gourmet products and often source their cardamom from renowned plantations around the country. Visiting a specialty store can be an excellent way to find unique and rare varieties of cardamom.

Cardamom Prices Sri Lanka

Cardamom prices in Sri Lanka can vary depending on the quality, type, and season. The price of cardamom in Sri Lanka has been on the rise in recent years due to increased demand, limited supply, and weather-related challenges that affect crop yields.

As of August 2021, the average retail price of high-quality green cardamom in Sri Lanka is around USD 22-25 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the black and white varieties of cardamom in Sri Lanka are priced higher, with an average retail price of USD 40-45 per kilogram.

Cardamom prices in Sri Lanka are often influenced by factors such as the global market demand, production volumes, and trade regulations. Consumers are recommended to purchase cardamom from reputable vendors who offer transparent pricing and guarantee the quality of their products.

The Best Cardamom in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is renowned for its high-quality cardamom that boasts a unique flavor and aroma. When purchasing cardamom, it’s essential to look for certain characteristics that distinguish the best from the rest.

  1. Color: The best cardamom pods are bright green, indicating that they are fresh and not overly ripe.
  2. Size: Look for pods that are plump and full, as they contain more seeds and pack a stronger flavor.
  3. Aroma: The aroma of high-quality cardamom is rich, complex, and reminiscent of pine and eucalyptus.

Here are some of the best places to buy cardamom in Sri Lanka:

Vendor Location Specialty
Greenfield Spices & Herbs Kandy Organic Cardamom
Dilmahtea Colombo Cardamom Tea
Spice Island Galle Cardamom Powder

Keep in mind that the price of cardamom varies depending on the quality and demand. On average, a kilogram of high-quality cardamom can cost between 5,000 and 8,000 Sri Lankan Rupees. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper options, remember that they may be of lower quality and potentially harmful to your health.

By selecting the best cardamom from Sri Lanka, you’ll be able to elevate the flavor of your dishes and experience the true essence of this remarkable spice.

Cardamom Sri Lanka and Organic Farming

Sri Lanka’s cardamom industry is embracing organic farming practices, driven by a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Organic cardamom Sri Lanka refers to spices that are cultivated without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. It promotes responsible land use and supports biodiversity, conserving Sri Lanka’s natural environment.

The principles of organic farming involve a holistic approach that considers the impact of agricultural practices on the soil, water, and air quality, as well as the health and well-being of people. By avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals, organic cardamom Sri Lanka ensures that the final product is free from harmful residues that could pose a risk to consumers. Instead, organic farmers use natural fertilizers and pest control methods, such as compost, green manure, and crop rotation.

“Organic farming is a sustainable way of growing cardamom that preserves the natural resources for future generations,”

says Mr. Silva, a cardamom farmer from the central hills of Sri Lanka.

Consumers today are becoming more conscious of the impact of their choices on the environment and their health. Organic cardamom Sri Lanka provides a healthier and safer alternative to conventionally grown cardamom, which may contain harmful residues and additives. Moreover, organic cardamom Sri Lanka is more flavourful and aromatic, retaining the true essence of the spice.

To promote organic cardamom Sri Lanka, farmers are encouraged to follow the organic certification process, which involves rigorous inspections and audits by a third-party certification body. This ensures that the cardamom is grown and processed in compliance with organic standards and regulations. Organic certified cardamom Sri Lanka can be recognized by the “USDA organic” seal or the “EU organic” logo.

Benefits of Organic Cardamom Sri Lanka Challenges of Organic Cardamom Sri Lanka
  • Free from harmful chemicals and residues
  • Supports sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • Higher nutritional value and flavour
  • Contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources
  • Requires more labour and expertise
  • Yields are lower compared to conventional farming
  • Certification process is rigorous and expensive
  • May require more time for transition from conventional to organic farming

The demand for organic cardamom Sri Lanka is on the rise, with more consumers seeking healthier and sustainable food choices. Exporters are also tapping into this market, offering premium quality organic cardamom Sri Lanka to international buyers. By adopting organic farming practices, Sri Lanka’s cardamom industry is not only meeting the demands of the market but also contributing to the country’s socio-economic development.

Cardamom Export Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a prominent producer of cardamom, and the spice has become a vital export revenue generator for the country. According to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB), cardamom exports in 2020 amounted to USD 25.3 million, with the majority of exports going to countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iraq.

The demand for Sri Lankan cardamom has been on the rise due to its exceptional quality, unique aroma, and distinct flavor profile. Sri Lanka’s geographical location and ideal growing conditions provide favorable conditions for the cultivation of high-quality cardamom, which is highly valued by international buyers.

Year Export Volume (MT) Export Value (USD)
2018 3,958 15.6 million
2019 4,531 24.1 million
2020 4,410 25.3 million

The above table showcases the increasing trend in Sri Lankan cardamom exports over the past three years. Exporters in the country are constantly exploring new markets to promote their products and meet the growing demand.

Despite the increasing demand for Sri Lankan cardamom, exporters face several challenges, including fluctuations in market prices, the inability to meet the required quantity and quality standards, and difficulties in accessing new markets. To address these challenges, the Sri Lankan government and private entities are collaborating to promote sustainable cardamom farming practices, improve quality control, and expand export channels.

“We believe that the demand for Sri Lankan cardamom will continue to grow in the future, and we are committed to supporting our exporters to achieve new heights in the global market. Sri Lanka has a unique advantage in producing high-quality spices, and we are determined to capitalize on this advantage to promote the country’s economic growth.” – Hon. Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Trade, Sri Lanka.


The cardamom export industry in Sri Lanka is thriving, and the country’s reputation for producing high-quality spice is well-established in the global market. Despite facing challenges, Sri Lankan exporters are committed to promoting their products and increasing their market share. With the government’s support and initiatives, the future of Sri Lankan cardamom exports seems promising.

Explore Cardamom Sri Lanka Today

In conclusion, Cardamom Sri Lanka is a spice that boasts a refined taste and mesmerizing aroma. As we have explored in this article, Sri Lanka has a thriving cardamom industry, with farmers employing sustainable practices to produce top-quality cardamom varieties.

Those looking to purchase cardamom can find it in local markets or online platforms, and there are renowned brands and acclaimed plantations that produce the best cardamom in Sri Lanka. Additionally, consumers can choose to support organic farming and purchase organic cardamom, which offers health benefits and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

Sri Lanka’s cardamom export industry is also worth noting, as the country is a significant player in the global market.

Overall, exploring the captivating world of Cardamom Sri Lanka is an experience not to be missed. Whether you are a food enthusiast or simply fascinated by Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, indulging in the refined taste and aroma of cardamom is a must-do activity. Visit to continue your exploration of Cardamom Sri Lanka and learn more about the country’s other unique offerings.


What is Cardamom Sri Lanka?

Cardamom Sri Lanka refers to the cardamom spice that is grown and cultivated in Sri Lanka. It is known for its rich aroma and refined taste.

What are the farming and cultivation practices of cardamom in Sri Lanka?

Cardamom in Sri Lanka is cultivated under specific growing conditions, including a cool climate and high altitude. The farming practices involve sustainable techniques, such as organic fertilizers and shade-grown cultivation.

What are the different varieties of cardamom in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is known for its green cardamom, but it also produces black and white cardamom varieties. Each variety has its own distinct flavor and aroma.

Where can I buy cardamom in Sri Lanka and what are the prices?

Cardamom can be bought in local markets, specialty stores, and online platforms in Sri Lanka. The prices may vary depending on factors such as quality and market demand.

Which is the best cardamom in Sri Lanka?

The best cardamom in Sri Lanka can be found from renowned brands, reputable vendors, and acclaimed plantations. Look for characteristics such as freshness, aroma, and quality when purchasing.

Is organic cardamom available in Sri Lanka?

Yes, there is a growing demand for organic cardamom in Sri Lanka. Farmers have adopted organic farming practices, and consumers can find certified organic cardamom in the market.

What is the cardamom export industry like in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka exports cardamom to various countries around the world. It plays a significant role in the country’s economy and is known for its high-quality cardamom in the international market.

How can I explore more about Cardamom Sri Lanka?

To learn more about Cardamom Sri Lanka, you can visit the website “” for additional information and resources.

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