December 2, 2023

Sri Lanka Expo

Exports of Goods & Services in Sri Lanka

Cloves remain as another famous export based spice of Sri Lanka over the past and are still at present. Cloves are aromatic dried flower buds of Eugenia Caryphyllata Thumb evergreen tree which is a proud member of the Myrtaceae family. More than half of the world use Ceylon Cloves in cuisines due to its undeniable natural flavor and exceptional natural aroma.

Cloves act as a natural flavoring agent by adding a pungent flavor for meat, marinades, curries and gives out a tantalizing natural aroma when added to hot beverages. The value of Cloves as a natural flavoring agent doesn’t undermine its value as an Ayurvedic product which people over the world use in medicinal activities.

Clove oil which is extracted by distillation of flower buds is a popular medicine used to ease and cure toothaches, arthritis and stimulates digestion. Cloves are also famous for its use in Chinese medicine practices as well while Ayurvedic medicine practices. Ceylon Cloves are those which are of excellent quality where we ensure that they meet the required quality standards before exports.

Of all those Cloves in countries around the globe, Ceylon Cloves are those which has the highest active oil content which ranges between 19 and 23%. Clove trees are medium-sized trees which grow up to a height of 15 to 20 meters. Since Ceylon Cloves are free of pesticides and carefully hand-picked, there is no doubt that the final output is nothing but the best.

The Cloves that reach the global market goes through a vast process of machine cleaning through de-stoners, sifters, and metal detectors before exported. The rich and pungent taste of the Ceylon Cloves is what makes them incomparable and distinctive which makes them more demanding over the globe.

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