December 2, 2023

Sri Lanka Expo

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Ginger is the rhizome of the Zingiber officinale plant which comes from the Zingiberaceae family is native to East Asia. Ginger is quite popular in countries like China, where the Chinese used Ginger in Ayurvedic medicine from the ancient past. Even though Ginger is common as a spice, it has many other uses such as serving as a medicinal ingredient, also used in beverages and bakery products.

If you look at the market. You will find that Ginger is available in both fresh and dried forms. The Sri Lankan Ginger cultivation mainly takes place in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. There are three main varieties of local and imported Ginger grown in Sri Lanka.

•    Local Ginger: Local Ginger has a high natural aroma compared to all other species while the rhizomes are smaller with ash white color fiber.

•    Rangoon Ginger: Medium sized finger rhizomes.

•    Chinese Ginger: Large rhizomes with pale yellow flesh. It has a lower natural aroma than local Ginger.

The medicinal value of Ginger is far beyond its use as a spice as it has more medicinal values than of a spice. Ginger is helpful in treating high blood pressure and is an antidote for cancer. Ginger has an amazing power in natural healing which makes it effective when treating common illnesses like for stomach ache, morning sickness. These overall qualities of Ginger are what makes it more demanding in the international market.

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