December 2, 2023

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Palm (Kithul) Treacle


Sri Lankan palm (kithul) treacle has a vast demand in many foreign countries which is the main reason why it turned out to be a popular export product. Tappers are the people who have been extracting palm treacle from the palm tree (Caryota urens) since the past.

They make a deep cut in the base of the flower-cluster stalk and applies an herbal mixture to the wound so that it stimulates and excretes the sap. Using the herbal mixture prevents the flower from maturing which helps to harvest. Then the tappers leave it for two days till it becomes ready.

Once it is ready, the tapper cuts off the heads end of the hanging flowers and ties them together and keeps a clay pot below it to collect the sap. The tappers replace the clay pot two times a day, and then they use the collected juice to make palm treacle.

Palm (kithul) treacle is a common ingredient in bakery products, and many people eat curd with palm treacle. Sri Lankan palm (kithul) treacle is 100% natural and is good for health since it is free from harmful chemicals.  

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