December 2, 2023

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White Pepper Sri Lanka exporters

Once you get the pericarp of the black peppercorns removed the result you get is white pepper. There is no separate plant from which you can get white pepper as the only white pepper comes from the same flowering vine (piper nigrum) of the Piperaceae family from which you get the black pepper. The pericarp is what gives the aromatic and sharp flavor to black pepper.

Once the pericarp gets removed the aromatic sharp taste of black pepper goes with it, leaving the sweet tender flavor of white pepper. Even though the taste of white pepper is not that sharp as of black pepper it doesn’t fail in leaving its mark as a spice with an elegant rich flavor. This process of removing the pericarp takes place before or after drying the pepper leaving alone the inner seed.

White pepper has its complex tones which makes it different from black pepper. White pepper is a popular addition to light-colored dishes and cuisines all around the world. The Swedish, French and the Chinese use more white pepper in their dishes. Ceylon white pepper has a good demand in the international demand more over its other origins. We ensure that it is always quality products that meet the international market.

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